15 November 2021
Finalists are Chosen 
Six Architects are now preparing their proposals for Stage 1 of the Competition
The "Motherhood Tears" Grand Mosque

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Invitation to Participate in an


 Concept Design

Derbent Spiritual Center
01  Coat_of_Arms_of_Derbent_(Dagestan)_(2014).png
At the City of Derbent, Dagestan

A unique opportunity to take part in the design of a monumental scale project of  a universal spiritual and cultural value


About Derbent

The oldest city in Russia 
"...and thank Goodness, we live well"
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“The choices young people make in life is an urgent problem everywhere in the world, and it’s particularly urgent here. It’s crucial for us to show that there are other ways, other visions of an open, tolerant and multicultural world. And we really want to contribute to that goal.”

 “Derbent was part of various countries throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages — neighboring ones like Caucasian Albania, but also the large empires of Medieval times: the Arab Caliphate, the Iranians, the Turks and so on.”

 “The city is home to the 8th-century Juma Mosque, one of the oldest in the world, but also to a 19th century Christian temple, a synagogue and an Orthodox church. Here in Derbent we have people of various religions and their diverse places of worship. Our city is one of many ethnic origins, brought together in the last century into one big family – and, thank goodness, we live well!

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About the Project

A unique project of national and international interest, which symbolizes the harmony and coexistence of religions and cultures not only in the ancient City of Derbent, but as universal values of contemporary times.

 The project consists of the following elements:

  • Central Cathedral Mosque

  • Russian Orthodox Church

  • Synagogue

  • Conference Hall, Museum, Library

  • Landscaped Park

The project is to be built on a central site of approximately 25 hectares. The site is located in a dominant location within a newly planned quarter of the City, located to the south of historical center.

 The main building in the Spiritual Center will be the “Motherhood Tears” central cathedral mosque, with an indoor capacity of approximately 9000 worshippers. The Spiritual Center will also include a Russian Orthodox Church and a Synagogue for approximately 900 worshippers each.

In addition to the religious buildings, the Spiritual Center will include social and cultural use buildings including a conference center, a library, a museum, and other related uses, in a suitably landscaped park setting, symbolizing the tie between the holy and the secular.

The project is partly aimed at attracting the younger generations into a setting which promotes religious and cultural mutual understating and coexistence in a multi-cultural multi-faith society.

juma mosque.jpg
Derbent Jumma Mosque built in the 8th century.
Derbent Russian Orthodox  church
Derbent Synagogue
armenian church.jpg
Derbent 18th century Arminian church, now museum

About the Competition

Architects and architectural firms with a proven record of experience in religious and/or cultural public buildings of no less than 10 years may take part in this competition.


Expression of interest
Final date for receipt of expression of interest requests. See "Contact Us" below.

Short List of Contestants
A short list of contestants will receive an information package about the project and will be requested to submit initial information about their work, and a short essay about their vision and approach for the concept oft his project.

Final List of Contestants  
Six  main Finalists (and two reserve finalists) will be chosen from the short list to take part in the competition

First Stage Submission
Submission of Initial Concept for the Central Mosque “Motherhood Tears”.

Second Stage Submission
Submission of initial concept for the complete Spiritual Center, including all the other elements, by the winner of the first submission.

Development of Final Concept 

By negotiated contract with the winner- to complete to a final concept stage of Spiritual Center







Prize Fund

First Stage Submission

An amount of  60% of the total  prize fund will be shared equally between the six finalists participating in the first submission.

Second Stage Submission

A further amount of 40%  of the total prize will be awarded to the winner of the First Stage, as remuneration for completion of the second stage submission.

 The amount of the prize fund and and details of the minimum requirements for the deliverables  in the competition , will be shared with the prequalified applicants in the short list.

The museum of Peter I in Derbent
view from kala.jpg
View from the castle
View from the castle
Grieving Mothers Memorial
small mosque.jfif
New mosque, Derbent.
Caspian seaside

About the Principals

The Derbent Spiritual Center project is promoted and supported by:


  • The City of Derbent

  • The department of Cultural Affairs, National Policy and Religion of the Administration of Derbent

  • The "Nova Zimlya" Foundation for Urban & Infrastructural Development


The design and construction of the Spiritual Center are financed by a private charity fund, registered in the Russian Federation. Choice of contestants and winning entries is solely the right of the Fund and its appointed managers and agents, and are not subject to any terms and conditions other than those to be agreed in writing privately between the Fund and the participants in the competition. 


Project Managers:

TANMIYA Management & Development Limited

Competition Mangement:

4M  Development Group

 Derbent's local craftwork

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Contact Us

Architects and architectural firms with a proven record of experience in religious and/or cultural public buildings of no less than 10 years may take part in this competition. Please fill in all the details in the from below to ensure prompt response to your message. 

15 Oct. 2021

The acceptance of Expressions of Interest ended.

Thanks for submitting!

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